Go For Dead - Olympics Horror Series

Sometimes when you're going for No. 1 .... No.2 Happens

Another Olympic Games has passed us by, leaving us without the excitement of the competitive international sports for another four years.

Here’s a visual comment sure to whet your appetite for the deficit those games have left.
Presented (in a jesting and playful manner) is Giselle Natassia’s ‘Go for Dead’ Olympic games photographic series. Teaming up with make-up/SFX wizard, Laura Turner, the two created the following light, humorous series.

As it turns out, when you’re going for no. 1 … sometimes no. 2 happens!

Photos by: Giselle Natassia – http://facebook.com/gisellenatassia IG: @zosogis
Make-up: Laura Turner – https://www.facebook.com/lauraturnermakeupartistry/
Models: Adam Hastings, Ebony Marklew, Danielle Collis, Llyod Johnson, Daniel Gutteridge and Nadia Gronow