Reflections // Mental Health Week

As part of mental health week in 2016 we created 'cathARTic' a collection of artistic workshops and activities centered around coming to terms with mental health issues through a 'cathartic process' involving understanding, reducing stigma and the practice of ‘letting go’.

Reflections involved participants looking at themselves for a minimum of 15 minutes to an hour, naked (don't worry only the sfw version here) in the mirror and were then invited to reflect about their experience. They were directed to stare into their eyes and not be judgmental and try to even say I love you to themselves. Many issues involving mental health revolve around our measure of self worth and how adequate we feel as human beings, particularly linked to the physical.  

Brave portraits and reflections featured below Warning - Nudity (NSFW) (where permission was given, if preferred not, portraits have been cropped).